Alamo Drafthouse Announces ANIME-ZING – A New Monthly Programming Series Devoted to Anime


Anime delivers a colorful world of giant robots, giggling wizards, and post-apocalyptic death machines – but it’s also so much more. Beginning in August, Alamo Drafthouse will bring the best of the Japanese artform back to the big screen with ANIME-ZING, a new monthly programming series. ANIME-ZING is dedicated to sharing the wonders of anime with everyone – die-hard enthusiasts and those just curious to see what all the hype is about.

Starting with titles like NINJA SCROLL, MILLENNIUM ACTRESS and VAMPIRE HUNTER D, ANIME-ZING takes a deep dive into the amazing archive of Japanese animation, from the genre-soaked universe of science fiction and fantasy to the emotionally rich dramas about the world right outside our window.