The All-Americans follows four players struggling to find their place in today’s America, as they prepare to play in the East LA Classic.

Director/Editor Billy McMillin chatted with Selig Film News about his powerful documentary.

Home to the nation’s largest Latino immigrant population, East Los Angeles sits squarely in the crossfire of debate about American identity. Yet every November, this community comes together for a distinctly American event, drawing 25,000 proud locals to one of the country’s fiercest high school football rivalry games:  The East L.A. Classic.

Billy’s feature debut documentary is far more than just a look at a football game.  The incredible access his team was granted by the schools and families allowed for a tremendous look into the community.  This community’s fears and issues with the current immigration battle that has engulfed our country is what makes the film so universal.  Billy captures the realities for these kids, their families and the school’s impact on their lives.  From the coaches to the players to the families we are constantly shown rationale why lower economic areas are so immensely impacted.  The fire and fury of the rivalry adds a real heightened suspense that allows for The All-Americans to hold you intrigued throughout.  The struggles on the football field mirror those in the every day lives of the players.  Billy was awesome enough to chat with me about his film, who is apart of his team, breaking barriers with the kids, family, and school district and so much more!

Here is our interview with award winning Director/Editor Billy McMillin.



Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival screens The All-Americans twice on this upcoming Sunday January 19th at 1:30pm-3:30pm at the JCC Harlem & then at 4:30pm.  Following the both screenings will be Q&As with director Billy McMillin, subject Mario Ramirez Jr., moderated by Rachel Strauss-Muniz, co-host and co-producer of Latinos Out Loud. Calixto Chinchilla, Founder of New York Latino Film Festival will be at the earlier screening’s Q&A as well.

For more information about the film please go to – The All-Americans.

For more information on the screenings at the festival please go here – 1:30 Cinematters All Americans at JCC Screening & 4:30 Cinematters: NY Social Justice Film Festival screening.