FAT CAMP – Interview with Director Jennifer Arnold and Writer Chuck Hayward

In FAT CAMP, twenty-something Hutch (Redd) thinks image is everything. He fronts like a baller and is too spoiled to get a job. But when his mom kicks him out of the house, and he’s forced to work at his uncle’s fat camp, he finds himself supervising an offbeat group of husky boys, who ultimately help him grow up. 

The film's Writer Chuck Hayward and Director Jennifer Arnold talked with Gadi Elkon about the film, their own connections to the subject matter, and much more.  Click through for interview with FAT CAMP Director Jennifer Arnold and Writer Chuck Hayward.

Chuck Hayward's (Netflix’s series Dear White People) irreverent script is all about embracing your inner loser as the ultimate winner, making Emmy- nominated Jennifer Arnold's (A Small Act) fiction feature directorial debut a willfully offensive adult comedy with no manners and tons of heart.  From FLUENCY STUDIOS.

Interview with Director Jennifer Arnold and Chuck Hayward –

This past week FAT CAMP was featured in the LA Muse section of this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival.

BET has picked up the comedy FAT CAMP and will air the film this July.