Michael Edwards

Michael Edwards is a ‘Jack of All Trades’ in the entertainment industry. An avid movie and theater lover, he began writing movie reviews for the North Dallas Movie Review in 1993 and assisted with the creation of Entertainment Showcase. In 2002, Michael took over the reins of the independent review website LethalDeath.com and joined up with TheCityWeb.com. His reviews have also been featured on FilmThreat.com and PopSyndicate.com.

Michael is also a professional ‘haunter’, having begun his career in 1989 as a special effects designer for Haunted Verdun Manor (a haunted attraction outside of Dallas), eventually moving on to SCREAMS and finally landing at The Haunt House where he has been an effects designer, PR consultant and featured actor for the past 5 seasons.

He is a founding member of the North Texas Film Critics Association