What are we doing here? How are we different from the other sites? Why should you be coming here?

What do we do here?

We bring you mainstream film reviews and interviews, reviews of DVD's, Theater, Music, and all of the other genres of entertainment in the area. We cover news from Film/TV sets shooting right here in our backyard to let you know more than the rest of the country!

How are we different from the other sites?

First off, we don’t tell you what to watch. We tell you what we like or we tell you why we don’t like it. We let you know what is out there that is, in our opinion, worth your time. That is why we use our own rating system, the Selig Scale, to help you with your decision. This scale was originally created in the mid 1980’s by a group of us who wrote for the North Dallas Movie Review. We wanted something that came closer to resembling what you were spending on movies and entertainment. It ranges from “FULL PRICE”, explanation not really needed, down to “GET YOUR TORCHES!”, BAD! Burn the script, the writer, the director and maybe even the actors! You can see this scale in its entirety under its own link.

Why should you be coming here?

Is it because maybe we are different? Or maybe you agree with us? Or maybe because we bring you information that others don’t. Whatever the reason, our goal is to entertain you, to enlighten you, and occasionally, to amuse you!

I am proud that this new site is finally up and running and look forward to many years of working with the public and the studios to bring you information you can use and enjoy!



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