The Selig Film News Story

Gadi Elkon Interviews John Singleton.



Since its creation in May of 2010, Selig Film News has become a trusted source for film festival directors, programmers, filmmakers, and film fans worldwide.  What makes Selig Film News stand out is our professionalism and commitment to covering film festivals and the art of film like no one else.  We have become the standard in film festival coverage over the last decade.

The Selig Film News story can trace its roots back to February 28th, 1914 when the Selig Polyscope Company and William Randolph Hearst entered a partnership to release the first newsreel.  Fast forward to 2010, when the reestablishment of the Selig Polyscope Company was in its infancy, film critics Gary Murray and John Strange approached the company to create a film news site.  What was once a small site with several dozen film reviews yearly has evolved into a powerhouse of reviews, filmmaker interviews, and news on the film and arts community.  Our successes have been due to strategic partnerships and sponsorships with film festivals, studios, and publicists in North America, Israel, India, and Asia.  In 2018, the Selig Polyscope Company (our parent company) was nominated for, and won, the Obelisk Award from the Business Council for the Arts.  One of the many reasons cited for the winning of the award was the work that Selig Film News does in the film and arts community and the strategic partnerships we have with film festivals and organizations.

In 2023, and beyond, the film critics, journalists, and staff of Selig Film News are more committed than ever to bringing filmmaker stories to the world through our reviews and in-depth interviews.  Our film critics take pride in watching and carefully reviewing every short and feature film that comes across our desks from all corners of the earth.  With over 1,000 interviews in the can, we pride ourselves in telling every story every time.  We travel thousands of miles a year to interview filmmakers at film festivals and get to know their stories personally.  Our philosophy is that no matter whether you are a student filmmaker or a veteran in the industry, everyone has a story to be told and we at Selig Film News want to be the outlet to tell that story to the world.

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