Gadi Elkon

Born in Shefat, Israel a child of historic birth.  Raised in the mean streets of Richardson, Texas via Garland, Texas.  Enlightened by the sage advice of UNT's Mean Green, Radio's Killers, and the people's paper.  Double Major in Radio, TV, & Film and English have molded me into a entertainment blogger.  I love film, theater, sports, music, anything in the arts world and just enjoying life through entertainment.  Interviews are my passion, but you'll find reviews, stories, quotes, pictures, and videos throughout this website.  I've got relatives scattered all over the world and yet proudly am a Lone Star State man for life.  In the end I hope to learn and grow as I express my opinions, showcase the moments I capture, and question all.  Expect consistent work only if you're willing to keep checking in with me on this wild journey through all that life has to offer.  I have three rules to imprint on you before you're done reading this ridiculous excuse for a bio…3. Have fun in life for death seems rather stale, 2. Try new things rather then regurgitating the same ol' same ol',  1. Morgan Freeman is God…it's legit and thus key to happiness.  Come on and join the conversation this website is about interaction.  Good Knight Sweet Night.  Confused much?  It's rather simple.
Just, "Let It Be".