Gary Murray

Gary Murray interviews John Landis (Director, Screenwriter), DFS Star Award Recipient
Gary Murray interviews John Landis (Director, Screenwriter), DFS Star Award Recipient

Gary Murray was an award-winning columnist, critic, reviewer and interviewer.  Making his first movie at the tender age of 8, he shot live-action and animated films in a number of different formats.  He received a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television, and Film from the University of Texas in Austin.  Following graduation, he performed different tasks both behind and in front of the camera on commercial and industrial works, working in both digital and film formats.

In 1989, after moving to North Texas, Gary began writing for the North Dallas Movie Review where he quickly became the featured writer.  His reviews of odd-ball films were often written in comic personalities taken from his stand-up comedy routines which helped his reputation to expand even wider.

After NDMR closed during Y2K, Gary wrote film reviews and articles for a few other organizations before joining the team here at Selig Film News.

Gary quickly rose to a senior position on the Selig Film News writing staff, covering films, plays, and other live events.  He built a strong following for his one-on-one interviews and film festival coverage.  Gary’s near-encyclopedic knowledge of film history served him well in all his writing.

Gary was a founding member of the North Texas Film Critics Association where he served as President from 2009 until his death on April 23, 2016.  We honor his legacy by continuing to give the best coverage around.  The critics association honors his legacy with an annual Gary Murray Award for best film ensemble.