Alamo Drafthouse and Badass Digest Announce January Issue of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH.



New Year's resolutions? Let's leave the resolutions to the irresolute; here at BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. we're just going to keep on truckin' with another issue of great content about great movies. Also, Drafthouse queso and beer are like kryptonite to the most well-meaning resolution…  

This month we're proud to introduce the Alamo 100, a screening series that spotlights some of our all time favorite movies.And since this list was compiled by the Alamo Drafthouse programming team, you can expect it to feature some titles that wouldn't make your average hoity-toity list, like this month's SIXTEEN CANDLES.

Speaking of SIXTEEN CANDLES, this issue features our intrepid search for the true Jake Ryan. And in more truthful truthiness, we examine the man who brought us the concept of AI, Alan Turing. Why, you ask, are we talking about AI? Because this month's Drafthouse Selects title — the new release movie we really, really think you should see — is Spike Jonze's HER, a movie that has the editorial staff murmuring 'masterpiece.' 

HER is Jonze's fourth film, and when you think of him you think of playful art movies and classic music videos. But he's also one of the creators of JACKASS, the ultimate dumb gross-out comedy franchise, and this month we look into how one guy can be both things. We also look at what all of Jonze's features have in common: loneliness.    

He isn't the only great auteur we have this month: you can read about Terry Gilliam's battle with the studio to bring his vision of BRAZIL to light. And for something completely different and yet still Gilliam-related, we look at some of the best under the radar jokes in MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL, a movie with so many jokes it'll take you years to count 'em all.   

But wait! There's more! There's Britney Spears in these pages! RAGING BULL! RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK! Hell, let's do a resolution: BIRTH. MOVIES. DEATH. hereby resolves to keep bringing you smart, fun articles about movies throughout 2014. I think we can keep that resolution.

– Devin Faraci – Badass Digest Editor in Chief


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