An interview with Sheena Shahabadi

“obsession is the plus point in my acting”… Sheena Shahabadi

Sheena Shahabadi first shot into fame with Satish Kaushik’s Teree Sang as the unwed teen mother. Next came Fast Forward and now it is time for Amit Mishra and Ashish Mishra’s Raqt. Sheena has histrionics in her genes with her mother Sadhana Singh being the heroine of films like rajshri’s Nadia Ke Paar. 

A tete a tete with the actress…

Tell us about your character in Raqt. It is very different from the character you essayed in Teree Sang.

Yes, my character in Raqt has varied shades. It is very interesting to ply a girl who has been brought up by her aunt who wants her to everything in this world and the girl ends up developing a strange possessiveness for her mother and doesnot want anyone to get close to her. She will even not mind killing anyone if that is the only way to keep them away from her mother.

Sheena, when did you really make up your mind to be an actor.

Actually, as  a five-year-old kid, I had made up my mind that I wanted to be an actress. In fact I started grooming myself when I was just 16 years old. Of course initially my parents were surprised that I was really serious about this profession but it didn't take them much time to understand my passion for doing films. My mother supported me whole heartedly though my dad gave an okay-dokay reaction

What did the acting course teach you?

You can say, I actually discovered myself.

Your mother has been a pillar of support…

Yes, my mother is there for me as my guiding force.

Playing a pregnant girl in your very first film is not a joke. Did it come easy to you? And now a psychotic killer?

Playing the unwed teenage mother in Tere Sang was not easy. I purposely kept myself tense and exhausted in real life as well for all the portions in the film where I had to play a pregnant girl. After all I had to convince the audience that I was going through all the pain and trouble.

As for playing the obsessed daughter in  Amit Mishra and Ashish Mishra’s Raqt, I told you, 'obsession' is a plus point in my acting. I can portray the emotion of obsession and romance quite well. And directors Adi Irani and Shiva Rindan were with me at every step guiding me.

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