ATTPAC's shining series is the Lexus Broadway series.  But over the last few seasons ATTPAC has utilized humor to add a new element to the Art District's nightly shows.  Comedy has become a yearly group for ATTPAC to bring talent to our fair city.  This year they even crossed over with the other new baby #HearHere speaker series.  Animation icon Matt Groening brought the Simpsons mystic to Dallas.  Attpac went a bit bolder with the choice of Miranda July, stuck w/ an uber recognizable comedy improv company and are bringing back the Jewish legend to round out their 2016 year in comedy. 

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That's right next month Jerry is back in Dallas.  So make sure you prep yourself for the great one's return.  But lets discuss the last two unique choices for comedy ATTPAC brought us. 

Miranda July – Unexpected, Quirky and Utterly Impressive.

Miranda's a bold figure that is just obscure enough to be hip and cool.  Now sadly her show happened to fall the very night after our city's Police were brutally attacked.  But in that sad evening July shared her story so that a catharsis could be organically created.  Her life's zig zagging journey helped ground the audience who were captivated by Miranda's wild choices in life.  Her multi-media mixing really makes her so unusual.  She tries new things in different and new mediums.  Whether it's a passionate one person show filled with crazy projections, her quirky and heart warming films, or her witty and realistic stories we gain a new view with each additional Miranda July work.  She held our attention and even caused a few mesmerizing moments in her short visit to Dallas.  A bold talent choice to continue the interesting comedy journey ATTPAC is forging each new year.






"Founded by Amy Poehler (SNL, Parks and Recreation), Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company performs a night of provocative sketch comedy and absurd improv."

UCB's improv formula and style aren't provocative or absurd. The formula is simple a small group of funny folks, a few chairs and an audience.  The provocative and absurd material comes from that key figure, the audience.  So…the show opens with the house lights being pulled up so the four improv comedians can talk to us the audience.  This pivotal interaction allows the four to pull words, moments, images, thoughts and whole stories.  Now this weekend's show hinged it's hopes on a pregnant lady (very pregnant!).  Luckily for the sold out Dallas City Performance Hall, UCB Tour Co couldn't have chosen a better person.  Carla (not sure about her spelling) is an AT&T marketing person who's VERY pregnant and happy about it.  But our talented UCB folks pulled out story and moment after moment from the young audience find.  The next hour's worth of an opening act was non-stop belly-aching laughter.  From lactation to dog park hecklers to pregnant women fighting Carla's tales were given the UCB spin.  The four comedians (one girl and three gents) flowed through scene after scene seeming to each have a light bulb moment that would lead to the next moment of laughter.  The foursome was completely on point for this opening act.  Act 2 wasn't bad, but couldn't replicate the hilarious moments from Act 1.  That is until the four UCB folks smartly weaved Act 1 BACK into Act 2.  The strong yet swift ending left us wanting even more and thus teasingly making us love the show.  Overall ATTPAC's comedy choices seem a bit out of left field at times and spot on at others.  Gotta love that the lead non-profit in the AD is testing it's boundaries and continuing to expand it's content. 

So make sure you keep up with everything ATTPAC at ATTPAC.ORG.

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