Bleed For This – A review by Gadi Elkon

Inspirational and vibrant Ben Younger's Bleed For This is a real crowd pleasing film.  Echoes of Oscar Winner The Fighter the Open Road production is a solid contender.  Is it world champion level?  Click through for my review of the film.

The bravado and determination shown by Vinny Pazienza is on full display and backed by a Oscar worthy soundtrack.  Get to know the  music of Willis Earl Beal as his presence in the film is just as a important as any of the talented actors.  Miles Teller seems a bit tall for the role, but aside from that his boyish nature fits perfectly with the Pazmanian's confidence.  I really think The Fighter and Bleed For This share a lot of the same qualities.  Lets go a few rounds and see which cast reigns supreme.  Teller is a more vibrant and enjoyable lead subject over Wahlberg's performance, but so is the real life figures of  Vinny Paz and Mickey Ward.  The really fun comparison is the Oscar winners.  Bale and Leo vs Aaron Eckhart and Katey Sagal.  The mother figure is more a background character in Bleed, though Sagal is spot on with the look of Paz's mom.  Leo's commanding performance wins that title.  Though Ciaran Hinds as Vinny's dad Angelo is one of the most enjoyable figures and he shares the Melissa Leo stranglehold over the family's fortune.  Angelo's drastic change after Vinny's near-fatal accident is one of the film's more powerful moments.  It wouldn't be shocking to see Hinds get a notice by award givers.  The other epic round is Bale vs the really incredible Eckhart as Kevin Rooney.  Bale's take on Eklund's famous drug addition is much more visually effective but Eckart's portrayal of Rooney's battle with alcohol is just as moving.  It's a fun treat that Eklund's kid is in this film, small part but still nice touch.  Let's look at some of the fine acting in Bleed For This.

The pacing of the film is really well done.  Ben Younger and his DP Larkin Seiple are at a constant back and forth.  They might not reach the thoughtful brilliance of Fincher/Hoyte Van Hoytema but the fluid motion keeps Bleed always entertaining.  The mixing with Julia Holter's soundtrack can't be forgotten.  Bleed For This is a really fun film to see in the theater just as Vinny Paz was a freaking joy to watch.  The film shares it's boxing legend's irresistible quality and so you feel for his struggle even if you don't believe it possible.  Thus his rise up is all the more compelling and it's obvious that Vinny Paz's life is the Lazarus like in it's importance. 

I don't know if Bleed For This is at the level of The Fighter, but I do know I enjoyed ever second of the film.  It's a worthy fall film that should get notice for it's tremendous cast, infectious soundtrack and fluid pace.  But enough of me, how about I let this legend tell you about how good Bleed For This really is…

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