BREAKING IN – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

BREAKING IN – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez
Just in time for Mother's Day, Gabrielle Union stars in Breaking In, a home invasion movie where she plays a mom who will stop at nothing to rescue her two kids who are being held hostage in the house.  They end up in the house in the first place when the family travels to the isolated fortress that her father built after he dies from being struck by a car.  But was it an accident? 
There are a lot more unanswered questions like that in the movie.  Like where did her father get the huge sum of money that he had stashed in the house?  Was he a crook or a spy?  Where is Shaun's (Gabrielle Union) husband?  But the biggest question is how did she become Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis all wrapped up into one?  For a simple mother of two, she has some amazing fighting skills.
However, if you leave reality for a while, this is an enjoyable movie.  Union is clearly the star of the film as the protective mother who battles (and usually gets the best of) four criminals who have broken into the house.  You'll find yourself cheering for the mother as she is relentless in her efforts to rescue her kids and just about the time the plot runs out of steam; the movie comes to an end.  (It runs for just about 90 minutes.)
Breaking In is rated PG-13 for plenty of violence and a few bloody images.  Just like last year's Kidnap with Halle Berry, this is a star vehicle for Gabrielle Union to carry the movie on her back.  Her action scenes and her catch phrases ("You picked the wrong house!) are memorable even if the entire movie is not.  On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate the movie a MEDIUM. 
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