CAVE RESCUE – Interview with Filmmaker Tom Waller

Filmmaker Tom Waller’s Docu Drama, CAVE RESCUE, looks at the Thailand soccer team rescue from the volunteers, rescue teams and Irish cave diver Jim Warny.  Tom talked with our Gadi Elkon about his connection to Thailand, the focus of the film, and much more!

What’s it like to be trapped in a cave for 18 days? How does it feel to be part of one of the biggest rescue missions in history? When rising floodwaters trap a boys soccer team in a cave system in Thailand, an Irish cave diver (Jim Warny, as himself) joins the massive effort to save them. Shot at the original locations – and featuring real heroes involved in the rescue – this incredible saga based on true events is as close as you can get to experiencing for yourself the intensity of this inspiring adventure.

Gadi and Tom talked about the heightened time frame and circumstances of filming, the specific point of view of the movie, Tom’s team and much more!

Interview with Filmmaker Tom Waller:

For more info on the film, CAVE RESCUE.

In Select Theaters, On Digital, and On Demand Friday, August 5th!

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