CHASING TIME – Interview with Jeff Orlowski-Yang and Sarah Keo

Its been over a decade since James (Jim) Balog’s photography work was given a full documentary take in CHASING ICE which forever opened our eyes.  Now CHASING TIME continues the story and our Gadi Elkon talked with filmmaker Jeff Orlowski-Yang and Sarah Keo about Jim’s work, film festivals, the importance of this work and their own journeys.

If a single photo can inspire change, how influential are a million images? Over the course of the 15-year Extreme Ice Survey project, photographer James Balog and his team brought some of the world’s first and most compelling visual evidence of climate change to the global stage as he depicted the rapid melting of glaciers around the world. Thoughtfully helmed by acclaimed director Jeff Orlowski-Yang (Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral, The Social Dilemma) and first-time filmmaker Sarah Keo, Chasing Time is a meditative exploration of time and mortality, following James and his crew as they bring the decades-long project to a close, cataloging more than one million images in the process. The short documentary reunites James and the Emmy-award-winning team behind Chasing Ice to capture the end of the epic undertaking and spotlight the power of an intergenerational effort to seed hope and inspire action toward a sustainable future. A beautiful tribute to the power of images and the importance of mentorship, the team examines the legacy their efforts have made on the world.

Jeff and Sarah talked with our Gadi Elkon about working with Jim, continuing what Chasing Ice started, and how important this subject should be to us all.

Here is our interview with filmmakers Jeff Orlowski-Yang and Sarah Keo:

The film has its US premiere this weekend at Seattle International Film Festival.

For more info, CHASING TIME.

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