One of the nicer things about being a critic and film reviewer is the fact that one gets screener copies of film before they premiere.  For the Dallas International Film Festival, the critics were treated to some of the local entries that will be getting premieres during the next week. 


America’s Parking Lot is a documentary about the last season of the Dallas Cowboys tailgate party before the move to the new stadium in Arlington.  The film focuses on Lot 6 and the guys who tailgate before watching America’s Team.  It is also about how different men find a common bond and meld into family style units.   They become a form of blended family with a common connection of sport.


The film is also about the price of going to the stadium.  With the idea of seat licenses, many of the Cowboy fans were priced out of their seats, some who had been going to the games since the days of the Cotton Bowl.  The men who revel in the parking lot know that they will never be the same group again.  It is very much a film of melancholia.


America’s Parking Lot is a part of the Texas Competition and plays at the Angelika on Monday April 16th.


Sironia is the story of a rock musician living in LA who has had a not very successful career.  When he finds that his wife is pregnant, they decide to pack it up and move back to Texas to raise the child.  It is a fish out of water story that also takes on the idea of what it means to be a success.  Wes Cunningham plays the singer/songwriter who tries to fit into being part of small town America, deep in the heart of ‘fly over’ country.


The film is directed by Brandon Dickerson, an LA video director who had a much similar experience.  The experience parallels his personal journey back to Texas.  There is an interview with Brandon and writer/performer Wes Cunningham in another part of this site.  While the film it a bit slow at times, the performances especially by Wes Cunningham and Amy Acker are the basic reason to check out this little slice of Texas drama.  It also has a wonderfully thoughtful soundtrack.     


Sironia plays at the Angelika on Tuesday April 17 and Thursday April 19 as a part of the Texas Competition.   



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