Dallas VideoFest 2013: THIS AIN’T NO MOUSE MUSIC

Chris Strachwitz is a detective of deep American music, music that's the antithesis of the corporate "mouse music" dominating pop culture. Since 1960, he has been the guiding force behind legendary Arhoolie Records, bringing Cajun music out of Louisiana, Tex-Mex out of Texas, blues out of the country " and into the living rooms of Middle America. American music has never been the same. Born a German count, Strachwitz fled his homeland after WWII at 16. Here, he discovered, and shared, a musical landscape that most Americans missed. He takes us on a hip-shaking stomp from Texas to New Orleans, Cajun country to Appalachia, as he continues his passionate quest for the musical soul of America. here is from the melborne festival So much of the American South's music is destined to be lost: played on porches and streets, in the swamps and fields, to friends and passers-by, but never recorded. Chris Strachwitz, however, has dedicated his life to capturing it. His label Arhoolie Records has been immortalising New Orleans jazz, roughneck blues, Creole, Cajun, zydeco, Tex-Mex and Mexican-American norteo sounds for over 50 years. Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling's spirited tour through the Deep South (visiting Ry Cooder, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Michael Doucet, the Pine Leaf Boys, and more) traces one man's obsession, and the fortuitous family that it has created. "Not only is Chris' passion for life, music and discovery infectious, but the consistently stunning music will fill your mind for days after." – Toronto Film Scene and VideoFest 26


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