DEEP IN THE FOREST – Interview with Writer and Director Jeremy Dylan Lanni

Writer/Director Jeremy Dylan Lanni’s feature film debut is a thrilling look at an America reaching extremists heights.  This division in the country forces sides to be taken and all out war.  The film centers around an isolated group of educators and common folk, that have liberal leanings, who are left battle their new reality…deep in the forest.  Jeremey talked with Gadi about the story, the filming process and much more.

DEEP IN THE FOREST is a thrilling, topical, hold-your-breath thriller. As violent civil unrest sweeps the nation, a diverse group of stranger’s battle outsiders and in-fighting at a remote hideout. Shortly after arrival, divisions among the group become apparent. And as time ticks by, supplies dwindle, fear and anger escalate. But when armed intruders arrive, the group must stick together to survive.

Jeremy Dylan Lanni and Gadi talked about the tremendous casting choices, shooting in a “magic” location and so much more.

Interview with Writer/Director Jeremy Dylan Lanni:

For more information about the film, DEEP IN THE FOREST.


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