Deli Man – Interview with David “Ziggy” Gruber

Director Eric Greenberg Anjou has given us a documentary showcasing the immediate need for smell-a-vision and enlightened us with an enriching history of the delicatessen.  The film is a true gem for any Jew and gentile that's every enjoyed good food.  Ziggy Gruber, who's stars in DELI MAN, drove up (had someone drive him) I-45 to be apart of two swell Q & A's this past Friday and Saturday.    Click through for an interview with Ziggy himself!

DeliMan-Gallery_04_Ziggy and one of his best friends

Ziggy Gruber Interview at Angelika Film Center Dallas.

Deli Man tackles the subject matter with a real proud urgency.  You are introduced some of the real figures in the Deli game today.  Ziggy brought the New York deli passion with him to Houston and it's at Kenny and Ziggy's that the doc has some of it's best moments.  Director Eric Greenberg Anjou continues along his journey of creating meaningful docs that look into the essence of being Jewish.  He gives us some fascinating history lessons along the way and also leaves us knowing how the deli business is slowly dying.  It's a infectious assault on the eyes with the amount of unique foods showcased in these classic deli stores.  Icons Jerry Stiller, Larry King and the great Fyvush Finkel are perfect members of the chorus for the film, but it's the owners like Ziggy that capture your heart.  There are some real heartbreaking realities they present and yet the passion is so gripping.  Don't walk, run to see this lovable documentary.

For more information about this documentary please visit, here.

DeliMan-Gallery_03_Erik Greenberg Anjou and Fyvush Finkel

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