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June 12th, 2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of Dallas Summer Musicals and tonight a special evening is planned across D-town to showcase this amazing feat.  It seems so fitting to have Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella as the the musical at music hall for this momentous occasion.  Click through for details on the 75th celebration and my review of Cinder-Ella.

Tonight Dallas will become #DSMBlue! 

"In honor of Dallas Summer Musicals 75th Anniversary, the most iconic buildings in the Dallas skyline will turn DSM BLUE as we officially celebrate 75 years of creating memories "

The Reunion Tower, Omni Hotel, Hunt Oil Building, and The Bank of America Building in downtown Dallas will display DSM’s logo and flash blue lights.  At Fair Park a special fireworks show will happen after tonight's Cinderella production.

So how about Cinderella?

Cinderella evokes such happy thoughts and always allows for the perfect excuse to dress up fancy!  Kids will of course love the tale.  But there are some marked differences in Douglas Carter Beane's new book of the classic Rodgers & Hammerstein tale.  First off the show is actually really witty and pokes fun at our modern world.  There is a tinge of political nudging as well that may go over many of the youngsters heads, but for the adults in the audience adds a new level to this rags to riches tale.  Basically it's not how rich and powerful you are but what you do with it that matters.  And a major tweak to the story is the presence of our Prince Charming.  He is a major figure in the plot and it's his tale that co-dominates the plot with our beloved Cinderella.  In fact, the wonderful Prince chatted with us this past week about his role, the slight changes, and so much more.  Check out that interview, HERE.

The best elements of this new look Cinderella are the incredible costumes, set design and that afore-mentioned witty new book.  The costumes by William Ivey Long are over the top in color and size.  And yet they flow and move so fluidly in the massive dance sequences that dominate both acts of the production.  It is perfect that little girls (and some adults) fully dress the part in the audience because on stage the cast are completely electric in their gowns and outfits.  But the real element that is striking and unique to this version is the incredibly smooth changes from rags Cinderella to our beautiful Cinderella in her gowns.  She has two such magical sequences that are easily the highlights of the show.  You won't forget her changing into the white gown and than to the gold gown!  Overall this show is worth you seeing just because of the costumes.  The carriage sequence holds it's own magic and as the set has a real organic feel the carriage literally grows before our eyes.  The lush greens and browns of the woods that surround the magical kingdom is full realized in this production.  The way in which the trees, the animals living there, and even the stars above play a pivotal role in the illusion is quite special.  As you giggle through the witty banter you witness the world transition from set to set without ever fading to black.  One of the real treats of this production is that we never have a down moment for set change.  The set literally moves from scene to scene before our eyes and it helps keep you in that magical state of mind.  With all these changes though what keeps the story so true and captivating?  Well it's that amazing music!

The music is key to keeping this production grounded in it's classic status.  Without those familiar beats and songs it might be a bit confusing to follow the changed story.  I mean there isn't necessarily a "forgotten" slipper and not all of the stepsisters are evil so there needs to be that cohesion to the classic tale.  But there are even some new additions to this production that picks from that R&H "trunk" to fully realize this new version.  Overall kids will love there usual magical tale while adults can witness a new funny look at this classic story.

Everything is possible in this impossible world if you just believe.

The production is at DSM through June 21st.  For more information about the Dallas run go, here.

And for you lovely Fort Worth neighbors!!

For more info on the Bass Hall run of Cinderella go, here.


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