Entourage – A Fitting Extension of The Show?

Mark Wahlberg and his real-life entourage are the starting point of this wild ass show created by Doug Ellin and showcased on HBO from 2004 till 2011.  It has been four years since Ari Gold left for Italy and basically left the four fellas to live life on their own.  So does the film do justice to the show? 

In short, fans of the show don't you worry a damn bit this movie is totally THE SHOW!  It has all the same wild antics with titties, pimp rides and of course crazy celeb cameos.  Athletes, musicians and even billionaires all jumped in for this fun final farewell to Vinny, his entourage and of course Ari Gold!  O Yeah Ari Gold is BACK.


Now is this movie quality?  Well the script is predictable and really dumb.  But you get to see how crazy things get for the guys and surprisingly the film does a great job.  Vinny as is boring as usual, E is as annoying and yet has the world GIVEN to him, Turtle is still lovable even if he's skinny now, and well Johnny steals every damn scene!  And of course Ari is his usual asshole self to the 10th degree.  He punches photos of cats, he buys swank gifts, and always finds fun ways to make fun of E's height.  The show honestly seemed to go on for one to three to many seasons but in as a film it is perfect amount of time to catch up with these fellas.  The humor is what really made the show fun and luckily the film revolves around it's funny setups and long jokes that call back to the show.  Otherwise the rest of the film is the usual fodder and not honestly worth remembering.  You go to this film to see all the cool toys and see the guys get made fun of by all the rest of the cast. 

The only issues I had with the film 1.) The hatred to Texas – WTF!  2.) Not enough from Billy Walsh (though his scenes are great, we needed MORE).  The film actually does a great job of giving the secondary characters a lot of screen time whether it's GayAsian Lloyd, Shauna, Sloan (meh – I liked her bitchy attitude not her loving side), Dana Gordon (not enough for Constance Zimmer honestly), and yes the great Billy!  Minus that the film really hits on all the usual points that the show highlighted. 

There isn't much more to say about the film.  Overall it is a fun time at the theater and to see the show on the big screen is worth it.

To end with I'd like to share some favorite moments with the lovable fellas of Entourage. 

Gary Busey!

Drama and Turtle – Bunk Bed Partners. 

Easily the best secondary character was Marvin – Vincent's Financial Advisor! 

We shall end with the greatness of Ari Gold:

Ari gives E some important advice about how to never give up!


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