FIRST ONE IN – Interview with Writer Director Gina O’Brien

“A Comedy of Unforced Errors”  From FIRST ONE IN website.

Writer Director Gina O’Brien’s directorial feature debut is a raucous comedy with tongue fully emerged in it’s own cheek.  Gina was awesome enough to chat with us about her tremendous cast, crew, the fun locations for the film and the fact that she’s releasing her Tennis comedy the same time as the US OPEN!!

After accidentally killing an endangered animal on a popular reality TV show, Madi Cooke (Kat Foster) is labeled an eco-terrorist, is fired from her job, and believes she now is the most hated woman in America. She changes her look and last name to interview with Bobbi (Georgia King), who heads Mason Agents — the #1 real estate firm in Connecticut. But in an effort to maintain championship status in a local, annual tournament, Bobbi only hires women who play tennis.   Synopsis FIRST ONE IN.

Kat Foster and Georgia King have a field day playing similar ladies who become combative enemies in tennis comedy.  But don’t fool yourself this film is an ensemble piece with so many wonderful choice moments.  A stellar female driven cast helps make this film unique and perfect for the 21st century.  Caddyshack but with ladies, tennis rackets and bigger balls (yellow).

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and as I told Gina, “I couldn’t stop giggling throughout the entire film”.

Here now is my interview with FIRST ONE IN Writer-Director Gina O’Brien.



Don’t miss out on one of the funniest films of 2020!

For more information please go to FIRST ONE IN.


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