Froome’s Journey to Y3llow to Feature at Festival


What does three-times Tour de France winner, an animation agency and a medical device all have in common? Five awards and screening at the '17th Annual Bicycle Film Festival' in New York, it seems.

Having recently emerged from receiving the Honouree Award at The Webby Awards – dubbed by New York Times as 'the highest honour of the internet', the animation 'Y3llow' will light up the screens at this year's 'Bicycle Film Festival' on 20-25th June 2017.  Y3llow is an animated collaboration between Rhinomed, Turbine, Jumbla and three-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome.

The Festival screening will mark the sixth accolade the animation has earned, also previously winning honours at the Webby Awards, AEAF Awards, the W3 Awards, the Muse Awards, and the Horizon Awards.

The animation combines live-action footage of Chris Froome with motion graphics and includes a voiceover track recorded while the cyclist was testing Turbine during a training visit to Melbourne.  When the spellbinding clip was released on Froome and Turbine's social media channels, the animation clocked up over 45,000 views within a few days!

Turbine, the breathing device used by Froome, is developed by Melbourne technology company Rhinomed Ltd. While it has been adopted by leading athletes for their training, racing and recovery; everyday exercisers are now finding that the benefits extend in ways they hadn't recognised.

"For me, I find the biggest benefit of the Turbine in the time trial stages and that whole build up to the warm-ups… Just for me to really focus on my breathing – get the maximum amount of airflow possible… and really just to calm my nerves," relates Froome.

During exercise, people tend to breathe through their mouths, pushing the cold, dry air directly to the lungs, meaning that the air is moistened to only 60-70% relative humidity. Nose-breathing, helps to maximise the intake of warm, filtered and humidified air – taking it to about 80 to 90% humidity.

Part of the research and development behind Turbine shows its ability to support and improve nasal breathing. Clinically proven to increase airflow through the nose by an average of 38%, Turbine is individually adjustable, making it available for people to use with deviated septums or obstructed nasal passages.

As Froome relates in the video: "The Yellow Jersey represents pain and sacrifice in the present, for a legacy that lasts forever. You earn the shine of the Yellow Jersey in the darkest hours of training."

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