Interview – Musician, Producer & Composer Andrew Orkin

Andrew Orkin is a film composer, producer and musician that works at Fall On Your Sword.  We chatted about his South African roots, his musical journey and about much more.

The Blame and Boy Pics from Geita.  Photo By Tiger Darrow

Andrew and I met through Tiger Darrow a few years ago, back when he was with the Look Out Kid Band.  We recently chatted about his journey from South Africa to Brooklyn and all the amazing things along the way.  We chatted only a few days after legendary blues musician B.B. King passed away and I asked Andrew about his love of the great icon.

Over the years Andrew has expanded from just a guitar picking musician to a full on composer and producer and I asked Andrew about that early transition.

We also chatted about how being a composer and producer really pushes Andrew to not only know the music scene but also the film world.

He's worked on numerous film scores, TV shows and commercial works along the years.  Andrew has always held a strong connection back home to South Africa and I asked about his work on projects that involve the homeland and in particular Nelson Mandela.

One of the works.

Speaking of South Africa, I myself have a wonderful loving South African mother who happens to be tiny.  Andrew also has a tiny powerhouse of a mother and I had to chat with him about that unique parental aspect we both share.

As much as he holds a connection to South Africa, Andrew has just as easily dived head first into being a true New Yorker.  I asked him about the amazing scene going on in Brooklyn.

It's in Brooklyn that Andrew works with the team behind Fall On Your Sword productions.

Epic with Andrew leading orchestra

And also where he works with Tiger Darrow.

Andrew Orkin at Kessler with Tiger Darrow Photo By Allan Hayslip

I ended my chat with Andrew by asking about what he's listening to these days.

For more information on Andrew please go, here

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