Irresistible Interview with Cinematographer Bobby Bukowski

Filmmaker Jon Stewart has utilized talented cinematographer Bobby Bukowski for both of Jon’s films.  The veteran cinematographer was awesome enough to chat with SeligFilmNews about working with Stewart, working in Georgia and much more!

Cinematographer Bobby Bukowski is a NYU Trish School master graduate who has worked with directors like Oren Moverman, Mark Pellington, Maya Forbes, Kari Skogland, Amy Redford, Ramin Bahrani, Brian Dannelly and many others.  In 2008 he was nominated for the coveted GENIE award for his work on ‘The Stone Angel’.  He has helped usher in game-changing cameras like the Arri Alexa.

Bobby talked with me about the camera advances he’s witnessed, how traveling has impacted his life, and even shared his memories of shooting in Texas.

Here is my interview with talented Director of Photography Bobby Bukowski.



Irresistible is out now on demand everywhere.

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