LOCKDOWN – A Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD Review by John Strange

LOCKDOWN – A Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD Review by John Strange

I was asked if I wanted to review an action film starring WWE wrestler Kevin Nash.  It sounded like it could be good (or at least a decent b-movie), so I said, “Sure!”

The film, Lockdown, is a Covid-19-related action film set in a small town under conditions that seem more post-apocalyptic than the actual conditions we have endured for the last couple of years.

Kevin Nash as Rex is the leader of a small militia that thinks that if they kill off the currently infected, the plague will go away.  The infected / drug-users that are the group’s targets are inhabiting an old high school building.

I won’t go further with this.  Watching this film was not my best idea.  The story is poor, and the acting talent is not ready for the big-time. Sadly, the one thing that could have saved the film for me was the fight choreography.  But… it is some of the worst I have ever forced myself to sit through (and I have seen some real stinkers in my nearly 38 years as a film reviewer).

Kevin can’t really be blamed for this.  His character is only seen at the beginning and the end of the film. 

We used to use a rating for films like this, “Get Your Torches”.  Instead, what I have is 0-stars.  0-stars is a fair rating for this film. 

On a side note: the film is listed on IMDb as COVID-19: Invasion with a note that Lockdown was the original title. 


Directed By:

  • Micah Lyons


  • Kevin Nash, Jason C Campbell, Swayde McCoy, Brooke Lyons, David D. Ford




  • 84 Minutes


  • Breath of Life Productions

Release Date:


  • 02/01/2022


  • 02/01/2022


  • A/1 (U.S. and Canada only)


  • English


MPAA Rating:

  • NR

Selig Rating:

Film Rating:

  • 0 Stars


Selig Rating Scale:

5 Stars: Should add to your DVD collection at any cost

4 Stars: Worth owning, but try to catch it a sale

3 Stars: Plan to get it, but wait to buy it used

2 Stars: Worth taking a look at, but not owning

1 Star: Pick it up at a garage sale and use it for drinks

0 Stars: Makes a great Trap Shooting target

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