Losing My V-Card to the Rocky Horror Picture Show – By Sarah Mease

Tonight the Rocky Horror Picture Show returns to the Angelika Dallas to make your Friday the 13th spooky and sexy.  Our writer Sarah Mease recently attended her first ever RHPS!  Click through for her short but memorable moment of losing her v-card to Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

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Sarah Mease Review of The Rocky Horror Picture Show experience:

Fishnet stockings, red lip stick, and toilet paper… exactly how I imagined my first time. This year marks the fortieth anniversary of Jim Sharman’s Rocky Horror Picture Show. I work at the Angelika Theater Center and when I heard we were showing the scandalous phenomenon, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to see what all the talk was about, even forty years later. It started off with a recognition of the virgins followed by some birthday spankings.

Despite the obvious faces of the virgins in the room, there were many regulars. The audience joined together in all of the sexy nostalgic ballads like the Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite. The cast of Amber does Dallas did nothing less than a wholehearted performance. With breasts and toilet paper flying throughout the theater, it was hard to not fall head over heels for the seductive tradition. Out of breath but full of energy, the reenactment cast was not only spot on with the words and moves, but compelling and extremely entertaining. After getting my fill of Tim Curry in heels I could only dream of wearing and the final bow, I went outside to talk to the cast. I asked them what is the show really about and why is it prevalent today.

Besides being fun and a great time, the Show is an event like no other. It brings unique, unlikely people together to celebrate the sexually empowering film. It’s the event where a grown man in stockings and a thong can peacefully sit next to a mother of two wearing eyeliner and stilettos. If I had to lose my V card to anyone, I’m glad it was the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Don't miss out on the show at the Angelika Dallas, tonight at Midnight!!

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