LOST IN FLORENCE – Interview with Writer/Director Evan Oppenheimer

Writer/Director Evan Oppenheimer's sixth film that he's both penned and directed is the one movie of his that may be most connected to him.  The talented filmmaker chatted with our Gadi Elkon about his personal connection to the city of Florence, the origins of this movie, his unique partnership with an Italian crew and team and much more.  Click through for our Interview with LOST IN FLORENCE's Writer/Director Evan Oppenheimer.

Writer/Director Evan Oppenheimer discussing the origin of his movie, LOST IN FLORENCE.

Evan chatted with SeligFilmNews' Gadi Elkon about his film.  Here is the full length chat between the two.

From LOST IN FLORENCE website:

Eric Lombard is at a crossroads – does he continue to pursue his long-shot dream of playing professional football, or does he start the next phase of his life, and apply to law school?

As he struggles with this decision, Eric – along with his longtime girlfriend, Colleen – visits his cousin in Florence. There, to his surprise, he gets involved with the ancient local sport of Calcio Storico – and everything that Eric has assumed about his life is challenged.









Lost in Florence will be released nationwide by Orion Pictures (a division of MGM) on January 27, 2017. It will also be released that same day on VOD and all leading digital platforms.

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