MARCH OF THE LIVING – Interview w/ Director Jessica Sanders

"MARCH OF THE LIVING tells the story of the last generation of Holocaust survivors traveling to Poland with thousands of teenagers from around the world to revisit the sites of the Holocaust and retrace the Death March from Auschwitz to Birkenau, in a journey of remembrance."  From Jessica Sanders Website.

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March of The Living Poster









Jessica gave a nice recap of her fun and productive filmmaking career.



Jessica and I started our chat by discussing how she first got connected to the march.

The movie has a unique mixture of International members.  Jessica talked about having such a diverse team to work with on this project.

Brazil large Jewish population are a central figure in the film.  I didn't realize the size of the Brazilian Jewish population and I asked if Jessica knew about it before visiting?

One element of the film is the amazing cinematography that captures the natural beauty to Poland.  Jessica discussed how an early research trip helped give her the inspiration to showcase Poland today.

Jessica talked about the impact of young Jews mixing with the Holocaust suvivors.

Don't miss out on this incredible documentary!  

Keep track of Jessica via her website.

Jessica Sanders

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