Marco Polo’s KUBLAI KHAN – Interview w/ Benedict Wong

Netflix's MARCO POLO's second season expands the scope and imagination of KUBLAI KHAN's court.  The 13th century's harsh realities and scary secrets are fully alive in the fiery Kublai Khan.  British acting veteran Benedict Wong transformed his body and style to tackle this beast of a historical figure.  He talked with us about playing such a massive character, his other quality roles (even Dr. Strange) and Manchester United recent moves.  Click through for our interview with KUBLAI KHAN!

Benedict and I started our chat by discussing the importance of the casting director.

Benedict's 2000's kicked off nicely with roles in Tony Scott's SPYGAME and Stephen Frears DIRTY PRETTY THINGS.  He dived back into TV for a few more seasons before basically staying uber busy from 2005 to present.  He's worked with Danny Boyle, Michael Winterbottom, Ridley Scott and countless amazing TV Directors along the way.  But Benedict humbly explained that his near Manchester roots originally had him looking at a small jump in the acting world.

Executive Producer and Showrunner John Fusco helped focus Benedict with a interesting note about Kublai Khan being born in the year of the Earth Pig in Chinese horoscopes.  

NETFLIX continues to push boundaries in it's show's content and scope.  Benedict talked about how the "TV Show" was filmed and treated as if they were making 10 motion pictures.

Brief interlude moment to watch our boy Benedict ass kick a chief rival!


Finally a bit of fun with Kublai Khan.  I asked Benedict about his beloved Manchester United and how have recent transactions peaked back his hope.  He brilliantly explained how Jose Mourhinho, Zlaten Ibra and a possible return of Pogba seems awfully familiar to another United "take over" by a Scotsman, a Frenchman, and a slew of English born talent.

For more info on the show check out their Facebook Page.

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