Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – Review By Gadi Elkon

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War showcases the tremendous fun of the brand and the slightly tedious nature that makes the "in between" films a bit annoying.  Click through for my full review of May's big blockbuster.

The main premise behind the film is the splitting of sides of the team.  It all comes down to the amount of collateral damage allowed by our beloved Avengers.  Don't bother talking about the crazy aliens, warlords, and evil figures that slaughter the planet.  No Iron Man and Old Cap killed your beloved boy.  The civil war topic in the comics has the ability to rope in so many more figures and so this little Avengers issue seems a bit blown out of portion.  It's the main hiccup of the film, but a necessary element to setup the blind nature the Avengers will show up until Thanos starts wrecking havoc.  Basically Team Iron Man likes the LAW and Team Captain America likes The Avengers LAW, The United Nations (yeah because they scream POWERFUL) wants a world where they control the avengers.  With that all being said.  Lets get to the fun elements of Civil War.


Action is always an important feature to any and all Marvel films.  You can go epic big brawls like the Avenger films, or humorous jokey asskicking like in Deadpool.  Civil War utilizes the athletic speed of both but in a determined small quarters take on battle.  The Russo Brothers film is grounded in it close quarter combat, if still slightly to fast and precise to be reality.  This featurette helps explain the overall mindset behind the realistic action seen throughout Civil War.

The other main fun element of the film is the introductions and friendly reminders of who are heroes all encompass.  Cap, Iron Man, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, War Machine and even the newly created Vision all have the easy connections.  But Civil War does a great job of mixing in other heroes to the team, like Ant-Man.

But the best parts of the film revolve around two new characters to the Marvel world.  One a beloved cocky kid and the other a superhuman future King with animal instincts and style.  Both Black Panther and Spider Man are the most enjoyable characters in the film.  Peter Parker's innocent youthful arrogance is a perfect fit for an aged, but still slick Iron Man.  Black Panther's mysterious physicality is nicely connected to the theme of lost fathers cause important sons to act.  Chadwick Boseman and Tom Holland literally steal every scene they are in.  Check out this kick ass photo to get the scoop of just how awesome young Spidey can be.

SpiderMan with Cap Shield






Yup that's Cap's shield with little Peter. 

SpiderMan with Cap Shield CloseUp






The sense of humor and the honesty behind the young new Spider Man is downright adorable.  The loudest laughs came from Peter Parker interacting with the rest of the adult Avengers.  The ability for Marvel to finally have Spider Man available in the Civil War story allows for some wonderful moments throughout the film and the post credit scenes.  Also who doesn't love Marisa Tomei as Aunt May, feisty choice!! 

Overall these two characters are worth seeing.  Also Ant-Man's NEW trick is pretty awesome too.  O and Captain America finally has a new love interest…a much younger one!  Oh and Vision in a sweater trying to put down his game on Scarlet Witch is slightly cute if not a bit misplaced in the whole Civil War theme.  I feel like those two will expand on their fun connection…hmmmm.  Civil War delivers on the action and keeping our interest with the new folks to the teams.  But the lack of a major collateral damage to the Avengers team really stops this film from being meaningful.  I feel like this is just a hey lets check in with all our old friends.  O wait they are fighting.  Hey look a the cool Black Panther and his claws.  That young fella in the red suit is really funny.  But where is the major moment where the Avengers impact actual hurts the team.  Marvel, please KILL SOMEONE OF IMPORTANCE!!  Just trick up the universe and let one of these damn folks die.  And now not a beloved Mrs. Carter!  Jeez that whole funeral seemed OUT OF PLACE to. 

Ok I will stop hating on what ifs.  Captain America: Civil War is a fun joy ride through the tough breakup of the Avengers. 

Go Team Cap – BTW.

Marvel Team Cap






For more information on the film please go, here.

Civil War official poster

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