Weekend movie releases, best new TV shows and Interview with Mark Duplass and Charlie McDowell.

Click through for reviews of The One I Love and Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.  Also The One I Love Director Charlie McDowell and Star Mark Duplass sat down with us to chat about this mind-bending film.

Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez took a bit of time (9 years) to get the sequel out and it shows.  The style is back.  The splashes of color jump in all the right moments, but that trick was beautifully captured in the original film.  This one needed more.  It needs a good solid plot.  One of the stories in this heavy noir world does stand out.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt's cocky card playing youngster (Johnny) held me interested even with the all-in ender.  In a world filled with physically imposing bad asses, this brash talker really is a breath of fresh air.  The Dwight tale seemed a bit too much (I miss Clive Owen by the way!), though Eva Green's dark twist is super appealing.  The problem is all the time spent with Marv, John Hartigan and Nancy's characters seems so repetitive.  I would have rather seen all new material.  Think American Horror Story but in the dark mind of Frank Miller and put on the big screen by ballsy Rodriguez.  Instead we're left with a lackluster follow-up with decent performances sprinkled throughout.  Powers Booth steals every scene he's in and was the one villain who I really enjoyed watching.  Overall it's still a fun ride with incredible visual style but not enough stories to keep me invested.

The One I Love, the solid debut feature by Director Charlie McDowell, gives enough fun information to make this a well-paced mind-bender.  It's a story that continues to pull you in deeper.  The more you invest in the struggling love story the more you get surprised by the tone switch taking place.  Duplass and Moss showcase a real lost love feeling throughout but really shine when the wacky plot twists start taking over.  I don't want to spoil too much of the fun surprises you'll gain from this movie.  Instead here is my chat with Director Charlie McDowell and Star Mark Duplass.


With MarkDuplass bringing up his upcoming HBO TV Show I thought I'd give a fun TV show list.

Here are the 5 TV Shows you should be watching right now!

5. NBC Premier Soccer Coverage – Um so it's not a tv show, but that doesn't stop me from tuning in all weekend!



4. The Leftovers – Incredible acting mixed in with enough confusing spookiness from Damon Lindelof/Tom Perrotta to hold your attention through ever breath.  I'm yearning to know more.



3.  Tyrant – As an Israeli myself I will jump into anything writer-director Gideon Raff publishes or creates and thus this fictional look at Middle Eastern Royalty is fascinating.



2. The Knick – Soderbergh's TV run with Behind The Candelabra and now The Knick is some of his best work to date.  Clive Owen is mesmerising as the drug-filled top doc. 


1. You're The Worst – Geez I must watch FX(FXX) all the damn time.  Stephen Falk has created the most witty romantic comedy this year…by miles. 



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