Operation Avalanche – A Review By Gadi Elkon

The young and mostly Canadian team behind Matt Johnson's OPERATION AVALANCHE first marveled us with their bold and sinisterly funny take on school shootings in the DIRTIES.  Now this dastardly northern bunch has tackled the conspiracy filled world of the first man to the moon race.  Operation Avalanche is a witty and incredibly well edited master class on indie filmmaking.  The movie is out in VERY (Lionsgate wtf?) select theaters…Click through for Gadi Elkon's review of this darling film.

Matt Johnson and his team have put a lot of time and energy into making a beautiful homage to the era and time of the 60's.  The film's editing and it's in-film editing are both seamless and entertaining.  Operation Avalanche packs some wonderful treats and great laughs if you notice the slight of hand editing by talented young editor Curt Lobb.  I especially love the scenes in which Matt is editing on a bay with film.  The attention to detail makes Operation Avalanche a perfect film to watch again and dissect.  An indie film shot by real lovers of film who didn't shy away from working hard on the edit.

Cinematographers Andrew Appelle and Jared Rabb utilize numerous lens to create the look of the 60's.  Operation Avalanche looks crisp and clean throughout the film.  The ability of the guys to mask the time of the shoot and still have some heavy action sequences showcases a talented duo.  The car chases alone are worth catching the film.  The visual presentation of the film is impressive and bold throughout.

Lastly the element of the film that makes it an enjoyable movie is the sense of humor.  The tongue-in-cheek nods to Kubrick, NASA, and 60's culture are all nicely captured on screen.  The films has a real Capricorn One feel, but just made with a much smaller budget.  Operation Avalanche is a bold indie film that has all the right heart and hard work to make for a real 2016 surprise.  Take a chance and find this gem. 

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