SERENITY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez


SERENITY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez


In Serenity, Matthew McConaughey plays a fishing boat captain in a tiny community called Plymouth Island.  It’s a community where everyone seems to know exactly what’s going on and everyone on the island has a strange feeling as if they’ve been there forever.  You very quickly discover that everything in Plymouth is not what it seems to be.

There are plenty of plot twists that keep you guessing throughout the movie but the movie is a paint-by-the-numbers mystery and if you follow all the clues, in the end, you’ll figure it out.

McConaughey’s character, Baker, is a hard-drinking ladies man who has one obsession in life; to catch a huge tuna which he has named “Justice.” (Which, by the way, is yet another clue in the movie.)

Baker’s life is turned upside down when his former wife (Anne Hathaway) comes to him to admit that she made a mistake when she left him for an abusive millionaire husband.  She offers him $10 million to take her current husband out to sea and feed him to the sharks.

The couple also has a son together and the boy still has a connection to his father.  He seems to be able to communicate with his father and Baker also feels the same connection.

Once Baker gets the feeling that his son wants him to go through with the plot to murder his son’s step-dad, he agrees to his ex-wife’s proposal.  However, everyone in the community seems to be aware of his murder for hire plot and they all try to talk him out of it.

Djimon Hounsou plays Duke, Baker’s first mate, and Diane Lane is Constance, his “sugar momma” who’s always ready to finance his next attempt to catch the great fish that he’s obsessed with.  They both play parts in his battle between good and evil.

Although you are spoon-fed the entire plot throughout the movie, it still jumps the track leaving you ultimately unsatisfied with the ending.

Serenity is rated R for sexual content and language.  On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” I rate the movie a MEDIUM.

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