SOMEBODY FEED PHIL – Interview with Phil Rosenthal

Phil travels around the world sampling food and tradition with friends and a sense of humor.  SOMEBODY FEED PHIL.

Phil Rosenthal was awesome enough to chat with our Gadi Elkon about everything Season 4 and so much more!

Season 4 of SOMEBODY FEED PHIL is now available on NETFLIX.  This season Phil traveled to Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, Singapore, The Mississippi Delta and Hawaii.  The series continues in its simple format of following the always charming Phil Rosenthal.  After touching our hearts with his tremendous humor filled writing in shows like Coach and Everybody Loves Raymond the veteran show-runner and creative figure has dived into the world of food.  Starting with his PBS foray into a travel show he has hit the perfect companion with Netflix.  Over these four seasons he’s taking us across the US and throughout the globe to try the food that makes these places feel like home.  Season 4 has wild fun moments in Rio, Singapore and nostalgia filled elements like seen in San Francisco.  The Mississippi Delta and Hawaii showcase Phil’s amazing ability to become immersed in different cultures and groups of people.  There is heart and soul along with amazing looking food in all the seasons, but season 4 seems just all the more enjoyable.  Sadly we don’t have the dynamic duo of his parents like in the first two seasons, but Phil’s wife teams nicely with his adorable father.  Secretly Phil’s dad is the greatest treat with his old school jokes that end each episode.

Phil chatted with me about the new cities, getting to work with his family, how cool the hotels were this season and so much more!  Also he has a nice story to share about how he’d just had lunch with another Netflix food celebrity!!


Here is our interview with Writer/Producer/Host Phil Rosenthal.



For more information on the show please go to SOMEBODY FEED PHIL.

Otherwise go watch the new season already!!!

Thanks to the Austin Film Festival for connecting us with Phil.

He is a longtime attendee and held a special sneak preview of the show at the 2020 festival.


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