State Fair of Texas 2015 – Achin for some Bacon!

Many folks venture to the annual State Fair of Texas to ride rides, play games at the midway, catch a classic OU VS UT game or see all the fun exhibits.  But Everyone always makes sure to EAT at the State Fair of Texas.  Fried goodies are always the rage and worthy of a few famous top ten battles.  This year there was a brand new attraction, BACONATION!  Click through for the story and witness the beginning of hopefully a long tradition for the future of the State Fair of Texas.


The Ed Campbell Company and I were both born in 1982.  Many folks will know the ECC for being the fine folks that run the historic Old Mill Inn located in Fair Park.  The 80 year old restaurant is a familiar and beloved element of the fair park mystic along with Dallas Summer Musicals, The Cotton Bowl, All the Museums and the Swan Boat Lake.  This year the company ventured into a brand new area, BACON.  After 30 plus years of successful turnkey operations the ECC decided to unveil the Baconation concept.

From Their Press Release:

Celebrating America's love of bacon, Baconation has created sizzling bacon novelties.  Bacon specialties served on a stick include Milk Chocolate Pecan Bacon, Maple Brown Sugar, Coconut White Chocolate and other creative bacon delights.

Baconation also introduced the Bacon Bits, characters like Piggy Sue, Sizzlin’ Sam, Slab McGuire, Mapeline, President Hickory, Mayor Applewood, Meaty Max, Bobby and Betsy Bits and their dog Smokey.  These colorful cartoon characters represent the BACONATION concept to make bacon fun for all to enjoy.

Those lovable Bacon Bits:


Each character has a big version that was highlighted on different days of the festival.  For instance, Mapeline was up the day I went to Baconation.


On the final Friday of the fair I had a special VIP tour of Baconation located at the Tower Building.  Here are a few shots of me actually taking part in creating a Coconut White Chocolate Bacon Stick.

Me working at Baconation stand making White Chocolate Coconut Bacon

Look at the intensity.

close up of me working at Baconation stand

The Baconation team is made up of over a dozen fine folks that hand craft each stick of bacon gold.  There are youngsters like Justin who help out.

Justin at Baconation booth 

On the day I had my tour I was introduced to these wonderfully kind and gracious hosts.

Wonderful team at Baconation

Rachell, Husband and wife team – Michael and Daphne, Reshonda and Deborah not only showed me how the bacon sticks are made each day, but highlighted the tasty ingredients that make up the scrumptious creations.  Along with the three signature bacon sticks there is a SWEET Tea that will blow your mind and a Bacon covered Nacho that looks like a mountain of flavor.  My girlfriend and I fell in love with the tremendous flavor of the incredible coconut white chocolate bacon.  Daphne and the team had prepared a real feast for us!

Bacon we received and drinks

With this year's fair under wraps you'll have to wait for the Baconation booth to be back in 2016!  But if the long lines are any sign, trust me you won't be achin' for bacon' at next year's State Fair of Texas.

The folks over at Fox 4 News even got to take part in trying Baconation when mastermind and lead Bacon lady, Theresa Rynell stopped by a weeks back.

Daphne gave me the story behind Theresa Rynell, director of marketing and creativity at the Ed Campbell Concession Company, deciding to come up with the Baconation concept, but she swore me to secrecy. I can let you know that the bacon is AMAZING!  Even Jewish boys can't say no to this BACON!


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