SUPERFLY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez

SUPERFLY – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez
The remake of Superfly is a highly stylized film directed by X.  He got his start as an intern for trailblazing video director Hype Williams and he's since directed videos for the hottest Hip Hop artists like Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Wiz Khalifa.  Hence the feel of a long form rap video.  Everything in the movie is "Superfly."  From the cars to the clothes to, even, the weapons in the movie… everything leaves the audience wondering, "where did they get that?"
While based on the original 1972 movie, the new version is a completely modern version of the same scenario.  Priest, played by Trevor Jackson, is a street wise and highly respected cocaine dealer who's trying to get out of the game with one more big score. 
While the 1972 movie with Ron O'Neal reflected the political times of the day, the new version is purely fluff, with no kind of anti-establishment message or anything resembling a "social concise."  The new Superfly film is just about "I'm gonna get mine."
Priest's nemesis in the movie are an all white wearing rival gang called "Snow Patrol", who wear parkas and puffy white coats in Atlanta.  (That made me scratch my head.)  And in this new version Priest is such a "pimp" that he has not one, but two female companions who are at his beckon call anytime he wants to be pleasured. 
However, while the movie is misogynistic, it's one of the most real gangster films to come out since Scarface.  Crime bosses are not nice guys.  They aren't gentlemanly towards women and they sell drugs and they kill people.  That's why they are called "criminals."
In Superfly Priest uses his wits to battle a rival gang, the police and to outsmart a Mexican cartel drug lord.  He is a "Superfly" dude.  The movie is rated R and earns its R rating for violence, gun play and strong sexual content.  Please leave the kids at home for this one!   
On my "Hollywood Popcorn Scale" I rate Superfly a LARGE.
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