SUPERNATURAL: THE FIFTEENTH & FINAL SEASON – A Blu-ray/DVD and Digital HD Review by John Strange


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-raytm I reviewed in this Blog Post.  The opinions I share are my own.

Supernatural: The Fifteenth & Final Season is a love letter from the cast and crew to their fans.  They felt that they had accomplished much and wanted to go out on the top, not waiting for a cancellation notice from the network.  Setting the season as their last allowed them to finish their saga on their terms and in their own way.  Not a bad way to say goodbye, from the longest-running genre show in America.

This season is filled with great moments and all the action we have come to associate with what is, at its heart, a horror movie a week coming into our homes.

Over the years I have watched characters come and go.  My favorites include the main stars, Jared and Jensen.  Jared’s time on The Gilmore Girls brought him to my attention.  I know that Jensen was in Dark Angel, but I didn’t recognize his acting ability until Smallville.   It’s interesting that they were both sci-fi series.  (The other place I heard about Jensen was from my business partner, who attended Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas, and was in the class two years behind him.  Apparently, Mr. Ackles is a bit of a legend in the Theater Department there.)

After these fine gentlemen, a couple of the characters and the talented actors who made their roles something special come to mind.  First is Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver).  Bobby is a rough man who became a father figure to the brothers.  Next would have to be Crowley (Mark Sheppard), a demon who becomes an ally of the boys.  The actors in these roles are some of my favorite actors for their ability to take any role they are given and make them better than they might have been.

Of course, my very favorite character has been “Baby”, the boy’s black 1967 Chevrolet Impala with its monster engine and hidden gun compartment in the trunk!  That car saved their lives more times than anyone else in the show!

Season fifteen is as good as its predecessors and loaded with excellent scripts and great episodes.  The cast and crew got their wish.  The series had a great final season complete with a very satisfying series finale.

The extras presented with the season on Blu-ray reside for the most part on their own disk, number four in the set.  The deleted scenes reside on the disks with their respective episodes.  The deleted scenes are grouped with their respective episodes.  They are really good, but they just didn’t make the final cut for their episodes.

“Supernatural: The End of the Road”, “Supernatural: Family Don’t End in Blood” (taken from a Jim Beaver/Bobby Singer line), “Winchester Mythology: Midwestern Heroes”, and “Supernatural: The Long Road Home – Special Retrospective Episode” are all on disk four and dovetail together to give us both an introspective into the series and a love letter to the fans as the cast and principle crew reminisce and make their farewells.

These featurettes are some of the best that I have ever seen.  If you have never watched a single episode of the series, you will want to start watching the series from the pilot through to the series finale.

The gag reel is, for its kind, very good.  “Supernatural: 2019 Comic-Con Panel” and “Winning Baby: A Supernatural Giveaway” are both related.  The panel is the last panel the series will do, with the pandemic delaying their final season for many months.  (Their series was one of the first to get back to work in Vancouver.)

At the end of the panel, Warner Bros. gave away a fully authentic copy of “Baby”, the black 1967 Chevrolet Impala that was the de facto third character of Supernatural. The winner was one of the audience members who asked a question at the end of the panel.

Supernatural: The Fifteenth & Final Season and Supernatural: The Complete Series will be available on Blu-ray & DVD on May 25th from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.


Created By:

  • Eric Kripke


  • Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, Alexander Calvert, Misha Collins


  1. Back and to the Future
  2. Raising Hell
  3. The Rupture
  4. Atomic Monsters
  5. Proverbs 17:3
  6. Golden Time
  7. Last Call
  8. Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven
  9. The Trap
  10. The Heroes’ Journey
  11. The Gamblers
  12. Galaxy Brain
  13. Destiny’s Child
  14. Last Holiday
  15. Gimme Shelter
  16. Drag Me Away (From You)
  17. Unity
  18. Despair
  19. Inherit the Earth
  20. Carry On



  • Supernatural: The End of the Road
  • Supernatural: Family Don’t End in Blood
  • Winchester Mythology: Midwestern Heroes
  • Supernatural: The Long Road Home – Special Retrospective Episode
  • Gag Reel
  • Supernatural: 2019 Comic-Con Panel
  • Winning Baby: A Supernatural Giveaway
  • Deleted Scenes (on each disk)




  • 843 Minutes

Enhanced Content:

  • 179 Minutes


  • Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Inc.

Release Date:

  • 05/25/2021


  • A/1 (U.S. and Canada only)


MPAA Rating:

  • TV-NR

Selig Rating:

Film Rating:

  • 5 Stars

Bonus Features Rating:

  • 5 Stars

Picture Quality Rating:

  • 5 Stars

Audio Quality Rating:

  • Episodes: 5 Stars
  • Extras: 3.5 Stars (levels were WAY too low, some worse than others)


Selig Rating Scale:

5 Stars: Should add to your DVD collection at any cost

4 Stars: Worth owning, but try to catch it a sale

3 Stars: Plan to get it, but wait to buy it used

2 Stars: Worth taking a look at, but not owning

1 Star: Pick it up at a garage sale and use it for drinks

0 Stars: Makes a great Trap Shooting target

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