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TITAS head Charles Santos chatted with us about this weekend's show DIAVOLO, the rest of the 2015 season, Twyla Tharp's 50th Anniversary showcase, and much more.  Click through for our interview with Charles Santos of TITAS.

Charles and I started our conversation by discussing his curatorial process.  He brought up the fact that he now has to see every show that is picked for the TITAS season.

With this commitment to seeing everything prior to bringing it to Dallas, Charles travel schedule is quite packed.  He discussed some of the fun treats and also the difficulties of flying so much.

I pushed Charles more about the benefits of traveling and we got chatting about working with foreign consulates.

Charles expanded on his trips to my home land of Israel and the focus of TITAS to educate foreign companies about their trips to America.

So what is the toughest challenge Charles faces in creating the TITAS season?


And speaking of that season we did talk about this weekend's show DIAVOLO.


Charles talked about the history of DIAVOLO coming to Dallas.

I had to ask about this September's exciting Twyla Tharp 50th Anniversary showcase. 

September 18th and 19th will have two brand new works highlighting the 5 plus decades of Mrs. Tharp's tremendous career in dance.

Twyla Tharp Photo by Richard Avedon

I ended my chat with Charles by discussing his work in AIDS awareness and how this is now apart of the Arts District's focus.

I told Charles that seeing 'A Gathering' in 2013 was one of the most moving shows ever at the Winspear and he talked more about this wonderful event.

At Friday's performance of DIAVOLO Charles will be revealing the new 2015-16 TITAS season and of course we'll be posting about it.  Check back soon for my review of the show and also a breakdown of the rest of this season and the upcoming season!

For more information about TITAS please visit here or here.

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