Top Films of 2016 at Midyear

I know that Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them isn't out yet, but aren't we all going to have it on our top film lists!  Eddie and the gang in pre-harry potterverse.  Now my list does have a special top ten pick that was based on a short film about a young harry potter fan who's into roleplay sex chatroom communities.  So if you're into Harry Potter and…or Sex, click on through to the other world.

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Official Teaser Trailer on Disney Video

Eddie takes us back to Potter World in November.  We all feast for Thanksgiving in rejoice…and sad memory of the sad near genocide of the Native Americans (see Avatar).  And finally we end our year with the Star Wars film we've all been WAITING FOR! Did you see Samurai/Jedi/Ghost Dog Forest Whitaker.  And now I'd like to share my list for the top films of the year (midyear report/list thingy).

Honorable Mention – Close But a Big Cigar For Trying.

19.  Hail, Caesar! – A Coen Bros film that packs the funny quirky nature, but not the spine-tingling impact or serious twist. 

18.  Hello, My Name Is Doris –  Sally Field puts in a treat of a performance and the movie's witty nature made this really enjoyable.

17.  Maggie's Plan – This unique love story gone bad is easily one of the real gems of the year.  It's witty, fluid and has some real standout sequences.  And it's got Greta Gerwig!  Honestly, this film is one of the contenders to rise up in my end of year top list. 

TOP 16 FILMS – Gadi's Midyear List:

16. Demolition– A bit odd and unusual while still being utterly moving and captivating.  Jake Gyllenhaal dancing is almost as genius as Sam Rockwall and Oscar Isaac.  Judah Lewis gives one of the real standout (young) acting performances of 2016.

15. Eye In The Sky – Thoroughly enjoyed the global take on the militaries combing to keep tabs on "bad" people.  The film doesn't approach it with an agenda and thus makes for a more compelling human story.

14. A Bigger Splash – In your face.  Seductive and utterly mesmerizing look at old vs new love.  Some real standout performances, especially an electric Ralph Fiennes.

13.  Nice Guys – Hell of a quality duo and little girl combo.  It's hard to not love the pace and verbal assault from a Shane Black film.  Quality film, and stuff.

12. Love and Friendship – Jane Austen never felt so sarcastic and delightful.  Director Whit Stillman and I talking about the film, here.

11. Embers – Festival gem needs to be on your must see lists.  Intelligent and thought-provoking.  Check out my fun email interview with Claire and Producer/Co-Writer Charles Spano, here.

The Top Ten:

10. Green Room – Neo Nazis, Punk Rock music, and Captain Picard come together to make one of most supsensful and horrorfying films of 2016.  Filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier films aren't watched they are felt.  I start my top ten with this raucous and wild ass trip of a film.

9. Slash – Remember Harry Potter and Sex?  Texan and Quality filmmaker Clay Liford touching on a real intriguing segment of society.  Slash is endearing, quirky and fucking funny.  Find this film!

8.  Elvis vs. Nixon – Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey are pure joy to watch.  Loved every second we get with the King and all his guns.

7.  Transpecos – This powerful look at a our borders through the eyes of three different men was another festival gem.  An award winning gem!  Find this film and watch it!  There isn't a trailer yet, so enjoy my in-depth sit down with the Writer/Director, Co-Writer/Producer and lead of the film.

6.  Captain America: Civil War – The last Cap America felt more like a Cap film, but Spidey, The Black Panther and Ant-Man save the day.  Naw, i'm kidding.  It's typical awesome epic fun from Marvel that leaves you slightly aroused for the next twenty films over the next century or our lives.  Well like I said, at least Spidey is in it.

5.  10 Cloverfield Lane – Creepy film that never allows you a moment to breath and instead continues to raise the ante with each new scene. 

4.  DeadPool –  Thank God Marvel went Naughty!  You find youself wanting more raunchy fun and uber violence as long as DeadPool is the one bringing it.  Props to Ryan Reynolds for replacing his shitty green tights for a bloody red pantless suit.  One of the better Valentine's Day films of alltime!


3.  Sing Street – Filmmaker John Carney touching on the universal themes of love through the power of music, specifically 80s kick ass music.  Heartwarming and endearing all the way through.

2.  Midnight Special – Jeff Nichols is a filmmaker who looks at our world slightly different and it makes his work all the more powerful.  The opening title sequence might be my favorite moment in a film all year.  Michael Shannon doesn't seem to have a bad role and that is especially true with his director zen master Mr. Nichols.  Southern Sci-Fi with an emotional twist.  Jeff visited Dallas and had a really insightful interview with me, here.

1.  Everybody Wants Some – If Jeff Nichols is becoming one of my favorite directors of all time, I'd say Richard Linklater is my favorite.  The Texas legend continues to make great films no-matter the material or genre. "The spiritual sequel to Dazed & Confused." mets Bull Durham and has a sexy baby that tells the funniest raunchy jokes.  Pure joy, especially when you realize that sharks have tails!

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