WONDER PARK – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez


WONDER PARK – A Review by Hollywood Hernandez


Wonder Park is a new family animated film about a fantasy world that comes from a little girls imagination.  It’s an amusement park that is filled with imaginative rides and run by a host of silly animals led by a monkey who creates all of the rides from a voice in his head, which ends up being the young girl, June, voiced by Sofia Mali.

June and her mother create the fantasy park, which June is absolutely obsessed with.  She tries to re-create the park in her back yard with the help of the neighborhood kids.  Wonder Park is filled with fun and adventure but after her mother becomes ill, the little girl loses all interest in the park.

So the once creative child who was full of imagination and wonder allows the place to go dark while she waits for the return of her mother.  However, while on a field trip she leaves the bus and ends up in the isolated woods.  She soon discovers that she has created a real amusement park that is in a state of disrepair and with the help of the parks’ animals only she can bring it back to its former glory.

Wonder Park has some great voices for the characters of the movie.  Mila Kunis plays June’s mom and Matthew Broderick plays her father.  Some of the animals are also well-known actors like Keenan Thompson and Ken Jeong from The Hangover movies.

Wonder Park is a really sweet story about the love between a mother and a daughter and, when the animals need June’s help to get the park back on track she pitches in to help bring Wonder Park back to life.

It’s enjoyable for the whole family and you’ll love it whether you’re a kid or an adult.  Wonder Park is rated PG and it’s short enough to keep a young kids attention at 1 hour and 25 minutes.  On my “Hollywood Popcorn Scale” is rate Wonder Park a JUMBO.

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