Wreck-It Ralph (3D/Bluray/DVD Combo)

For several months prior to the release of Disney’s newest animated film, “Wreck-It Ralph”, my daughter spent every day asking me if it was out yet. It seems she had seen the trailer and thought it was going to be the best movie ever.  My wife would roll her eyes, and while I love animated films I really didn’t feel drawn (so to speak) to this particular one.

That said, on opening weekend we gathered both our family and her best friend’s family and we ventured out to the theater for some afternoon viewing. The unexpected result was a terrifically fun and entertaining afternoon.  “Wreck-It Ralph” was deservedly nominated for an Academy Award and, quite frankly… should have won. (I know “Brave” fans will assuredly torch my house, but before lighting the match rest assured I loved “Brave” and thought it was a terrific Pixar film… but “Wreck-It Ralph” held many more surprises, both funny and emotional.)

“Wreck-It Ralph” (John C. Reilly) is the star of a popular, but aging video game. Well perhaps star isn’t quite the correct term. He is actually the villain of the game, doomed to wreck building and terrorize its tenants.  The real hero of the game, Fix-It Felix (Jack McBrayer) is loved and adored by everyone. In this world, the characters of the games are simply working a job and Ralph longs to be accepted by those he attacks while ‘on the clock.’ They refuse to have anything to do with him and never invite him to parties, so he opts to buck the system, head out on his own and see if he can find a place where he can be the hero. To give away any more of the plot would do the film a disservice. Needless to say, the overall plot and eventual payoff work beautifully.

I do have to give a round of applause to the animators, who capture the world of videogames brilliantly. Each game has its own specific look, and the jerky movements of the 8-bit characters never ceased to make me laugh.

Walt Disney Home Entertainment is releasing “Wreck-It Ralph” this week, and I recommend picking up the Bluray/DVD Combo, if not the 3D combo set.  When it comes to animated films, there is never question that Bluray is the way to go. The image here is spectacular and I still cannot get over all of the little details that are on display. The audio track is similarly stunning, immersing you in the videogame world.

Where I found myself somewhat disappointed was in the small amount of special features, especially for a film that begged to allow us behind the curtain. Granted, there were a few deleted scenes, fake trailers for some of the games, an all-to-brief ‘making of’ feature, and the Digital Copy, but not much beyond that. I should add that there is a pretty neat feature present when you press ‘pause’, but I’ll let you find that on your own.  I had just hoped for more… but then I guess maybe I’m just spoiled.

The best addition, hands down, is the Oscar winning animated short “Paperman”, which truth be told was worth the price of admission alone when we saw it in theaters.  The same goes here as it is well worth the price of the Bluray set just to see it.

Aside from the shortage of features, “Wreck-It Ralph” gets one of my highest recommendations from among the animated films of 2012. The set is worth owning, both for the main feature and the short.

Directed by: Rich Moore

Starring (the voices of): John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jane Lynch, Jack McBrayer

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment

Release Date: 3/5/2013

MPAA Rating:  PG

Website: http://disney.go.com/wreck-it-ralph/

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