In these first two weeks of April 2016 the North Texas area has been pelted by massive amounts of hail.  Two massive storms rolled through the Dallas suburbs destroying cars, roofs and many folks pride.  It appears the big man upstairs seems to enjoy chucking ice rocks at us good Texans.  What can you do?  Well that is where DALLAS FILM comes into to play.  Escape the fear of the falling rock and embrace the indoor comfort of film.  The 10th Annual Dallas International Film Festival opens tomorrow with over 160 films, panels and special events.  Some even venture out into the wide open, testing the fury of the rock tossing sky above.  Our hail storm vet (survived both storms while being protected by only the very thin roof of his Camry) and DIFF's official interview man, Gadi Elkon, shares his 10 Must See Events of DIFF 2016.  Click through if you want to survive the hail…

This year's DIFF Star Award Honorees are two mavericks in the film world.  Cinematographer Ed Lachman and Filmmaker Monte Hellman's work in the industry will be highlighted and showcased throughout the festival.  These two gents lead our Must See Events for DIFF 2016.  So what are the other 9 must see events?  How about catching an International Film, Quality Documentary, Established Director's Latest, a Young Filmmakers Next Venture, A Short That Becomes A Feature, A Powerful Silver Heart Nominee, A Short Film Block, An Event at Klyde Warren Park, and also a film called WHITE GIRL.  Here are your Must See Events of DIFF 20216.

International Films at DIFF 2016 –

As an Israeli Born Texan I always search out the best international flavor at any film festival.  At this year's festival I really enjoyed Director Emre Sahin's latest film, TAKIM.

Quality Documentaries at DIFF 2016 –


Documentaries are our most important film resource as they tell us the truth behind our real world.  Keith Maitland's dynamic animated doc is one of many powerful intriguing docs at this year's festival.  Don't miss out on TOWER.

Veteran Directors Latest –

Mysterious and Magical Michel Gondry's latest film ventures to our fair city and looks to tickle our youthful minds.  Don't miss out on Michel Gondry's MICROBE AND GASOLINE.

Young Filmmaker's Newest –

Back in 2013 Matt Johnson's film THE DIRTIES took home a special jury prize from DIFF.  The young filmmaker showcased a bold point of view and a ballsy take on film that seems to be fully awake in his newest film.  Don't miss out on OPERATION AVALANCHE.

A Beloved Short Becomes A Feature Film –

Filmmaker Clay Liford's journey has been a real pleasure to watch over the last few years.  Clay caused a hilarious gut punch with his naughty short film SLASH, which I got to see back in 2012.  Now  I am super excited to see the growth of Clay's short film into a new vibrant feature.  Don't miss out on SLASH.

Silver Heart Nominated Documentary at DIFF 2016 –

DIFF's Silver Heart Nominees always impress.  Who isn't interested in an Iranian female rapper for instance!  Don't miss out on SONITA.

A DIFF Short Film Block –

I'm a huge fan of the short film programming that's been done at DIFF over this last decade.  This year's crop of short film blocks is stacked with fun treats and wild tales.  Any of the blocks is worth you're time, but if you need a nudge don't miss out on SHORTS 4.

David Bowie's Magic Dance Takes Over Klyde Warren Park –

Who doesn't want to see David Bowie in his giant cod piece stealing babies at lovely Klyde Warren Park.  Don't miss out on this unique family friendly EVENT.

And this raw film about a wild ass WHITE GIRL –  SEE YOU AT THE DIFF 2016!!!!

White Girl Still




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