Austin Jewish Film Festival – Interview with Iconic Israeli Actor Lior Ashkenazi

Israeli acting-legend Lior Ashkenazi’s feature film directorial debut is the wonderful adaptation of PERFECT STRANGERS.  Lior talked with our Gadi Elkon about sitting in the director’s chair, some of his iconic roles and so much more!

Seven childhood friends with a lot of shared history and experiences, and a mutual death from their past, meet for dinner to watch a rare lunar eclipse. Their standard bourgeois encounter takes an unexpected turn when they start playing a game that will change the course of their lives forever: each text message, call or notification they receive on their phones is revealed for all to see. Betrayals, lies, secrets and unresolved issues dating back 20 years simmer to the surface and put their long standing friendships to the test.

Three-time Ophir (Israeli Oscars) winner Lior Ashkenazi’s directorial debut is the raucous adaptation of the film PERFECT STRANGERS. The movie is one of the closing films for the Austin Jewish Film Festival.

Lior and Gadi talked about making his debut, many of his roles, Israeli film scene and even discussed some of the exciting projects coming in the near future.

Here is our Interview with Director Lior Ashkenazi:

Perfect Strangers screens at AJFF this upcoming Sunday the 13th.

For more information on AJFF – PERFECT STRANGERS.

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