A GREAT SOCIETY – Interview with Filmmakers Stacy Goldate and Craig A. Colton

A GREATER SOCIETY is a feature documentary to inspire voter turnout.

Here is our Interview with the filmmakers behind the documentary.

Inside the gates of Wynmoor Village are three miles of manicured lawns lined with palm trees, a golf course, and carefully maintained condominiums. At first glance, it’s just another  retirement community where elders go to enjoy their golden years relaxing by the pool and taking ceramics classes; but look further and you’ll see that the people who live in this community share something unique: the power to have a real impact on national politics.   A GREAT SOCIETY WEBSITE.

Documentary filmmakers Stacy Goldate and Craig A. Colton spoke with me about their personal connection to the Wynmoor Village, the unique nature of filming in a gated community, the importance of voter turnout, and why their production company is called Deranged Squirrel!

Here is my chat with Stacy and Craig.

*Sorry If I sound like Death, I was a bit under the weather.

With the 2018 midterm elections approaching this documentary is a perfect push to showcase why we need to vote.  

The documentary is now on VOD.  

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