AFF 2015 – BOOGER RED – Interview

Booger Red crew on our final day of the shoot up in Mineola, Texas







Hybrid documentary drama, Booger Red, tackles a serious matter with a journalistic demeanor that allows for not only great suspense, but also contains a real raw emotional struggle.  Emmy-Award winning Writer/Director Berndt Mader, Co-Writer & Producer Johnny McAllister and Stars Onur Tukel & Marija Karan were at Austin Film Festival this past month to talk about their powerful film.  Click through for our in-depth interview with Johnny, Onur and Marija.

Austin Film Festival 2015 – THE BAD GUYS – Interviews w/ Mekenna Melvin, Keith Nobbs, & Paul Iacono






I've always loved Berndt's films and the great work him and Ben Steinbauer do with their production company, The Bear.  Booger Red though was a film that really surprised me and impressed me to a new level.  I'd read the Texas Monthly article by Michael Hall back in 2009, that first put light to this crazy child sex ring story, but I had no idea the way Booger Red film would tackle this matter.  The film is a subtle showcase of passionate people searching for the truth, no matter where it leads them.  I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Co-Writer Johnny McAllister and the two stars of the film Onur Tukel and Marija Karan and discuss this real powerful hybrid movie.  Here is our interview from AFF 2015.

For more information on the film please go their website, here.

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