AFFD 2014: Takayuki Hatamura – Ku_on

Joe Huang interviews Japanese filmmaker Takayuki Hatamura at the 2014 Asian Film Festival of Dallas.



Around 200 years ago, a meteorite fell in a village in the Tohoku region. There was no damage immediately after the impact, but after some time,the villagers living in the vicinity experienced genetic mutations and a few gained “special powers”.

These powers were feared as “cursed powers”, and some were murdered, some took their own lives because of the weight of having these powers and others left the village without anyone knowing. However, the extent of the outbreak of these powers was not limited to this. In some cases, the descendants of people, who did not suffer from the outbreak at the time of the impact, suddenly exhibited these powers generations later.

An ordinary office worker, Hiroyuki Sano, suddenly exhibits these powers one day. A man who claims to have the same powers as him appears before him.


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