All About Bette – Review by Gadi Elkon

Tonight and tomorrow night are the final two shows of ALL ABOUT BETTE with Morgana Shaw in the one-woman showcase of icon Bette Davis.  Click through for the review and info on catching these final performances.


All About Bette – An Interlude with Bette Davis by Camilla Carr has made its way across DFW over the last few months playing in three theaters.  Along the way Morgana Shaw has had the chance to highlight her talents in the one-woman show that dives into the world of Bette Davis.  The play pulls a reverse Benjamin Button as we are introduced to an octogenarian Bette and travel with Morgana to a young vibrant twenty-some Davis.  Carr's honest and biting look at the fearless Bette Davis unveils some fun rumors that have stuck with the ladies and gents of the golden age of Hollywood.  Morgana pulls a visual transformation with the opening sequence of the aged icon talking directly to us the audience and her constant connections back to us make for some wonderful moments.  Shaw fully immerses herself into Bette from the get go as she torments us the audience for our lack of quality attire, unlike her beautiful gown.  Carr's words help reveal the bold nature that stuck with Bette from her earliest days to her last final moments.  She was much more than just glaring eyes of power but a full figure that helped mold the acting world.  Her presence on screen was only a small showcase of her hold off the screen.  In a hollywood owned by a few studio heads Bette broke the barriers, best as someone of that era could, to set herself free and create some iconic stand alone roles that are purely Bette Davis.  The play doesn't shy away from Bette's home life either and traverses her marriages and even a few of her famous liasons.  Morgana seems to fully enjoy dicsussing the way Howard Hughes didn't fully treat Bette like his other famous relationships, a joke that is poignantly brought back in the play's moving finale.  Shaw is most brilliant when she is tackling the emotional battles Mrs. Davis felt about her daughter.  That final struggle between mother and daughter is a constant thread that haunts the legendary actress as she tells us her story.

Now in it's final staging at the Stone Cottage in Addison where Shaw can put a lovely bow on this great interlude into Bette Davis' life and career.

For more information please go, here.

Morgana Shaw as Bette Davis in ALL ABOUT BETTE.

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