Austin Film Festival 2014 – 5 Films to Catch & Interview with MENTOR Producers Jedd and Todd Wider

The Austin Film Festival and Conference started today and run through next Thursday October 30th.  Panelist this year include Irish legendary Writer/Director Jim Sheridan, Writer/Director Cary Fukunaga, Writer/Director/ShowCreator Michelle Ashford, Daily Show's Jon Stewart and so many more.  Click through for our picks for 5 panels to check out at the festival and our interview with producers Jedd and Todd Wider of the film Mentor.

Austin Film Festival 2014:

Five films to check out at the festival –

5.  Nightfall in India

4. 7 Minutes

3. Terrible Love

2. Escobar: Paradise Lost

1. #chicagoGirl

Interview with Mentor producers Jedd and Todd Wider.

I started our conversation out by asking Jedd what motivates the brothers to produce documentary films.

Todd then explained about the change the intriguing research into bystander action and in-action.  We also discussed what intrigued them about Director Alix Lambert.

I asked the Wider brothers about what was the atmosphere for their Ohio festival screening earlier this year. 

Jedd talked about the sad way Mentor high school acted throughout the years of bullying to these kids.

Finally the guys and I discussed programs that are showcasing new ways of dealing with the issue of bullying in the country.

Mentor is a heartbreaking look into the sad state of saftey in our schools for children that are bullied.  For more information about Mentor's Austin Film Festival screenings go, here.

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