Comrade Dov – Interview with Director Barak Heymann

Israeli documentary filmmaker Barak Heymann’s latest film tackles former Israeli politician Dov Khenin.  We chatted with Barak while his film was premiering at the OTHER ISRAEL FILM FESTIVAL.  Here is our chat with COMRADE DOV director Barak Heymann.

Goddamned communist. Internal enemy. Privileged Tel Aviv Ashkenazi. Dov Khenin was called everything during his time in the Knesset. A portrait of a unique politician who refuses to give up, even as reality deals him one blow after another.

Interview with Comrade Dov Director Barak Heymann.



Documentary filmmaker Barak Heymann’s ability to showcase a figure like Dov Khenin is a real treat.  Don’t miss out on this open-minded work that is fully aware of the unique quality a figure like Dov brings to Israeli politics.

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