MAKING WAVES: THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND – Review and Interview with Director Midge Costin

Now in select theaters and on demand is the extensive documentary MAKING WAVES:  THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND.   Director Midge Costin chatted with me about her own career and how this wonderful project came about.  Enjoy my Interview with a true lover of sound design, Director Midge Costin.

An insightful and fascinating examination of sound design in film, featuring legendary sound designers Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now), Ben Burtt (Star Wars) and Gary Rydstrom (Saving Private Ryan). Directors including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Barbra Streisand, and Ryan Coogler talking about how essential sound is to the landscape of filmmaking.  MAKING WAVES:  THE ART OF CINEMATIC SOUND.

The film does a great job of showcasing the impact of the bold 1970s filmmakers had on sound design.  Midge concentrates on the massive impact California has had on the world of sound but the film does hint at the global significance.  The real treat of the documentary is not only the importance of sound on film but the impact of the people handling that design.  Mainly a legion of strong intelligent women have forever impacted our understanding of sound in film.  Midge and her almost entirely female team highlight some of the most influential figures in the sound world, especially the leading ladies of the era.  It is most important to remember the word ART in the title.  A perfect sound design can bring a decent film into legendary status.  The sonic power on our viewing experience is the fulfilment of the art form that is filmmaking.

But I’ll let Midge go over the wonderful points full showcased in her documentary.


For us Texas folks Nov 20th – Lubbock, El Paso and Katy are having special One Night Only screenings.

Keep track of all the updates and schedule for the film’s release at Making Waves.

Don’t miss out on one of the year’s best documentaries.

Here is Director Midge Costin (l to r), Writer Bobette Buster, Producer Karen Johnson, Executive Producer RoAnn Costin, Cinematographer Sandra Chandler, & Editor David J. Turner

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